At In Good Health, we’re happy to be your number-one source for high-quality cannabis products, including our popular hybrid strains! A hybrid strain is a blend of sativa and indica which gives you beneficial effects from both types of strains. You can opt for sativa-dominant strains or Indica-dominant strains, depending on the effects you’re seeking or the relief you require from your medical symptoms.

Hybrid Strains from In Good Health

One of the main benefits you get with hybrids is their versatility, with a wide range of effects that makes them great for adult-use customers and medical cannabis patients. You can usually expect a mellow effect for relief from stress and anxiety. You also will commonly feel a slight boost of energy, making hybrids perfect for daytime use. Some of the benefits you can enjoy with hybrids include pain relief, appetite stimulation, relaxation, and elevation in mood. We carry a number of popular hybrid strains such as Ice Cream Cake, Pineapple Mimosa, and Soul Mate.

Check Out Our Hybrid Strains

With such a large selection of hybrid strains, it can be tough to choose. You can pick up hybrids in all forms including concentrates, premium flower, vape cartridges, topicals, tinctures, edibles, and more. You don’t have to worry though, as our informed budtenders can help you find exactly what will work best for your situation. If you have any questions about our hybrid products, feel free to give us a call or check our online menu where you can place your order online!

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