Known for its profound therapeutic potential, cannabis RSO oil is a highly sought-after concentrate, and it is not without reason. This particular concentrate is unique because of its name, its history, and how it is used. Let’s take a closer look at RSO, how to use RSO oil, and more.


Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a cannabis extract intended for oral ingestion or topical use. RSO is very potent in small doses. Recommended starting dose is the size of a half grain of short dry rice. One 0.5mL syringe contains about 30 to 40 doses of this size.

Instructions for use:

To use RSO, simply swallow the appropriate dose. Patients may place the oil onto a piece of food, such as bread or fruit, to better facilitate ingestion. RSO is very sticky and may have a strong, lingering taste. It is recommended to refrigerate or store the oil in a cool, dry place. Allow syringe to warm prior to use. RSO may take at least 1 to 2 hours to begin to take effect. Effects generally last 4 to 6 hours with average dosage. Patients may ingest the oil every 8 hours, in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night about an hour before bedtime.

Dosage recommendations:

Patient dosage will vary depending on individual tolerance Allow your body to slowly build a tolerance for the oil. Patients may increase their dose over time. When taken in regimen, certain patients may consume up to 1 gram/mL of oil per day. With effective treatment, many patients will continue taking the oil at a reduced rate. Just 1 to 2 grams a month is a good maintenance dose, usually a drop or two at night before bedtime.

Topical use:

RSO may be used for topical applications. Apply the oil to the skin and cover it with a bandage. Apply fresh oil and a new bandage as needed. WARNING! RSO contains active cannabinoids that may absorb through skin with prolonged contact. Handle with care! Patients should not drive under the influence of this medication.

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What is RSO?

RSO stands for Rick Simpson Oil, which is a potent THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) concentrate. The consistency is thick and gooey with a dark hue and looks a bit like sticky tar, so RSO is commonly prepackaged in a plastic syringe for easy dispensing and measurement. RSO is a full-spectrum cannabis extract, meaning it contains the full spectrum of constituents from cannabis like cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes.

So, who is Rick Simpson?

Rick Simpson actually invented the RSO that carries his name. Rick allegedly used the oil to treat his own basal cell carcinoma successfully and then went on to share his creation with others.

The Value of RSO Cannabis Oil

RSO is most often created with strong Indica-strain cannabis that is widely associated with therapeutic effects. The primary cannabinoid in RSO, THC, is definitely associated with euphoric effects, but this cannabinoid has actually been touted for a litany of other benefits, such as helping with pain and relaxing the body.

RSO oil is less about delivering euphoric effects and more recognized for its therapeutic value, which is one reason why it is important that it contains the full spectrum of other plant compounds. Cannabinoids like cannabidiol and even terpenes help to support the actions of the THC and may offer their own therapeutic value on their own.

How to Use RSO

The best ways to take RSO is either by ingesting it, taking it sublingually under your tongue, or applying it topically. The therapeutic value can be reaped by absorbing the oil into the skin, and this is actually how Rick Simpson himself used the oil. However, the oil can also offer effects when ingested just the same.

RSO Oil is highly potent, so starting with a very small dose about as big as a rice grain is a good starting point. You can adjust the dosage by similar increments as you adjust to the effects.

Can you smoke RSO oil?

Even though RSO could potentially be smoked or burned to inhale the vapors in a dab, this is not the intended use and may be dangerous in some cases. If the RSO was created with solvents, the residual solvents are flammable, which could pose a risk.

How to Make RSO

When Rick Simpson had success with RSO, he made the information on how to make the oil available on his website. The general process involves using a solvent like butane or alcohol to extract the valuable agents from your cannabis and then heating that extract to concentrate the solution into an oil. The process is laborious and can be risky if you have no experience. Therefore, it can be best to buy already made RSO from a dispensary.

How to Make Gummies with RSO

RSO could easily be added to a basic gummy recipe like this one. Simply add the pre-measured amount of oil you want to be distributed across all the gummies into the unflavored gelatin mix and mix thoroughly. For example, if you are making 30 gummies and want each gummy to have 1mg of THC, you would need to use enough RSO to incorporate 30mg of THC into the recipe.

How to Make Cannabutter with RSO

To make cannabutter with RSO, you will only need to add your RSO to the melted butter and allow the solution to re-solidify. You can then use the butter to make edibles, such as cookies and brownies. Just be mindful of how much RSO you add to the butter and how much butter you use in your recipe to prevent consuming too much.

How to Make Tincture with RSO

To make a tincture with RSO for easier dosing, you can simply measure out a specific amount of RSO and mix that with a carrier oil like hemp seed oil. Place the solution in a dropper bottle and store it out of direct sunlight.

Find High-Quality RSO Oil for Sale

Without question, trusting a reputable dispensary for RSO oil is the best plan of action. This is a more potent product with a lot of therapeutic potential, so you want a high-quality and trustworthy end product. Take a look at our menu at In Good Health to get a look at the concentrates we have available, including RSO oil.