While there will always be some cannabis users who prefer the traditional smoke, vaping brings about a lot of perks for others. From portability and discreetness to the simplicity of dosing, THC carts can enhance the experience for sure. But how do you shop for THC carts? What should you look for in order to have the best experience? We’ve built a brief guide to get you started.

Consider the Most Important Aspects of a Cartridge


The brand is a big deal with vape carts. You really can’t trust the carts you find that look generic and don’t have a brand name attached. The best companies that create these products are proud of their quality and have no qualms about making their names known. A few good name brands, all of which can be found on our menu at In Good Health, include:

  • Electric Underground
  • Church Cannabis Company
  • Cresco

Strain Type and Effects

The strain type used to make the concentrate or distillate in the vape cart is important to know. This will give you an idea of things like flavor profile, THC content, and the overall effects. For example, if you get a Blue Dream cart, you’ll know you can expect a calming, euphoric experience and a sweeter berry flavor. Keep in mind also, some strains are hemp or CBD specific, so they are more therapeutic and less euphoric in nature.


Look for a glass or hard acrylic tank. Plastic degrades with exposure to cannabis concentrates. Also, make sure the cart has a good sturdy build with metal housing to support the tank. While some vape carts have wicks, some have wickless coils, which can yield a better quality vape. Be sure to find out what the cart coil is made of; those made of low-quality metals can break down and infiltrate the inhaled vape.

Oil Quality

The quality of the cannabis oil in the cart will mean everything to your end experience with a vape cart. How do you spot a good oil? Here are a few things to look for:

  • Color – The best oils are light amber, yellow, or gold color; stay away from odd colors or oils that are exceptionally dark
  • Thickness – Good oil is very thick, so you shouldn’t see air bubbles slipping through when you move the cart or the oil sloshing around
  • Smell – High-quality oils in a cart have telltale aromatics just like the strain and don’t have chemical or synthetic odors
  • Flavor – Well-made oils may have natural flavor additives, but steer clear of anything that tastes bitter or burned

Other Common Questions

How do I tell if my THC cartridge is fake?

Essentially, look for oil consistency, smell, appearance, and brand name. It’s not unheard of for people to refill empty vape carts that bear a brand name in an effort to turn a profit, though. Therefore, it’s best to only buy carts from a licensed dispensary so you know you’re getting the real thing.

Do cartridges come with batteries?

Cartridges don’t come with batteries. Disposable vape pens come with a battery and a cartridge, but a vape cart alone has to be connected to a battery-powered vaporizer to work.

What is 510 thread?

510 thread is the standard size of the threaded base of most vape carts. This means the cart will fit a vaporizer that also has a 510 thread.

How many watts does a THC cartridge use?

The main thing to focus on with vape carts is not the watts but the volts. Vape batteries can offer different voltage and watts capabilities depending on the type. In general, THC carts are best vaped at 2.5V to 3.3V to deliver the best flavor and potency.

Find Trustworthy THC Cartridges for a Reliable Experience

If you’re ready to shop for THC cartridges, be sure to check out our menu at In Good Health. We offer cartridges from only the most well-known brands, so our customers know what to expect with their purchase.