With cannabis legalization happening across the country, your selection of weed edibles are no longer just those questionable pot brownies someone cooked up in their kitchen. You now have access to a full collection of artisan THC-infused edible treats. Here is a quick guide of things to know before you buy edibles.

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First, a General Edibles Dosing Guide

Some research claims that eating 1mg of THC is comparable to smoking over 5mg of THC. So, even if you regularly smoke cannabis, you may want to adjust your dose lower with edibles. It’s best to start with a lower dose of 2.5 to 10mg of THC. Always give the edible the proper amount (an hour or two) of time to kick in before deciding you didn’t eat enough.

How does THC interact with your body in edibles vs smoking?

The primary difference between edibles is how the body processes the THC once you have consumed a product. When you smoke cannabis, THC enters the bloodstream through the lungs almost immediately. With edibles, however, the THC has to go through the digestion process before getting into your system, which means a longer onset time and potentially longer-lasting high.

A Look at Different Types of Edibles and Their Uses

Pretty much anything edible can be infused with weed, from steak sauce and beef jerky to bonbons and candy. However, most dispensaries stock a select group of edibles that are the most popular among consumers.


Gummies are quick to consume, easy to eat on the go, and usually contain small doses of THC. These are great for people looking to get THC without having to eat anything substantial. Plus, they can make it easier to adjust your dose because of their small size. For example, if you want to up your dose by 5mg, and you’ve got 10mg of gummies, you can simply cut one gummy in half.

Hard Candies

Hard candies like suckers, lozenges, and mints are another top pick. These tend to hit faster because the THC gets delivered sublingually as the candy dissolves. While high-dose candies are common, you can also find some products with just a few milligrams of THC, which can work well for microdosing throughout the day.

Baked Goods

Brownie bites, cookies, cake pops, and other baked goods are some of the most recognized edibles. These are great for a good time and sharing with friends, but gourmet treats can be less desirable if you’re simply dosing for pain relief or otherwise. You may have to take in a lot of calories to get your daily dose.

Infused Drinks

A relatively new player in the edibles market, THC-infused drinks like seltzers and flavored waters have grown increasingly popular. These drinks usually offer a dose of THC in a full drink. These edibles are great for social gatherings.


Chocolate drops, candy bars, and other sweet treats are a popular THC-infused goody. These offer a sweet treat and a nice dose of THC but make sure to pay attention to serving sizes so you don’t eat a whole bar when you should be eating a pip or square.

What to Look for in Good Packaging and on Edible Labels

The packaging an edible is wrapped in tells you a lot about the quality of the product. For the most part, you want good, secure packaging that is tamper-evident. The package should tell you the:

  • Serving size – How much of the product is considered a serving size?
  • THC content – How much THC is in a serving size?
  • Ingredients – Is the product made with cannabis-infused oil or an extract?
  • Company contact info – Is the manufacturer name clear and is contact information available if you have questions?

Other Things to Know About Cannabis Edibles

How long does it take an edible to kick in?

You may not feel much for at least an hour, and some people don’t feel an edible kick in fully for an hour and a half to two hours. Be sure you wait a few hours before deciding you need more to properly gauge how the edible is going to affect you.

Do edibles deliver the same high as smoking or dabbing?

Not only do edibles take longer to kick in, but they can also deliver a high that is a bit more intense than just smoking. While the high could be comparable to dabbling, an edible high will last longer for most people.

What can I do if I eat too much?

Thankfully, the high will subside, even though the experience can be intense. The best recommendation is to stay hydrated and head to bed to sleep it off. If you have some good CBD tincture on hand, you may also consider taking a sublingual dose to counteract some of the THC in your system and the psychoactive effects. Don’t be tempted to eat to thwart the high—fat consumption can actually intensify the situation.

How do you make your own edibles?

Making your own edibles is a lot of fun. You can essentially make edibles at home by decarboxylation flower and adding it to your recipe or by adding an extract to a recipe. Just be careful about how you figure your dosing so you don’t inject each serving size with far too much THC.

Find a Full Collection of Edibles to Try

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